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Various systems work together to keep your home functioning efficiently on a daily basis. Your drain and sewer system are essential, and its maintenance is often neglected, especially when it is working correctly. If your sink, tub, or drain is malfunctioning, overflowing, or clogged, the experts at A Drain Doctor Ltd. can help with efficient solutions! We provide prompt and professional emergency drain cleaning services for residential and commercial properties across Winnipeg.


Neglecting your drainage system can result in a range of problems and can make your home unbearable to live in. Regular cleaning and maintenance will keep your pipes and drains working as they should through every season. It can also help you recognize signs that may predict future issues, clogs, and breakdowns. We have the experience, knowledge, and equipment to take necessary action before the situation gets out of hand. Get in touch with us to speak with our team now!


 24/7 Emergency Services

We are available 24/7 for prompt and reliable emergency drain cleaning services for your property in Winnipeg!


Here are some important signs that can help warn you that you need to call A Drain Doctor Ltd. in Winnipeg for professional emergency drain cleaning services:

  • Frequent clogs
    A clogged drain, sink or toilet is the most obvious sign of a blocked pipe. Our professional cleaning services employ safe and effective methods to prevent frequent clogs. 


  • Foul smells
    Kitchen drains deal with a lot of food waste that can build up and result in foul smells. If left unchecked, this can ultimately lead to property damage and pose a risk to everyone accessing the property. Our professionals can help find the reason for foul odours and take necessary action.


  • Sewer backflow
    Wastewater is meant to flow through drains in one direction only. If it reverses its direction and flows back up into your home, you need to call emergency drain clearing services at the earliest. Sewer backups lead to flooding and cause costly damage to your home as it usually involves bad and smelling water that can ruin your flooring and carpets.


  • Frozen pipes
    Water in the pipes and the pipes themselves tend to freeze in the Canadian winter. This can cause severe problems like clogs and leaks. If you notice frost visible on exposed pipes, odd noises when the tap is turned on, or any water flow issues in your home, be sure to call us to get your drainage system back on track.


  • Water is cloudy
    If the water from your taps is yellow or brown, it indicates that your water has too much iron, and blue and green water means your pipes could be corroded. Cloudy or coloured water is an indication that you need to call emergency drain cleaning services.


  • Pooling water
    Any pooling water, especially around drains and toilets, dripping water from ceilings, and water seeping from the floor implies that you have a broken sewer line, and you will need emergency drain cleaning and sewer repair to prevent further flooding.


  • Gurgling sounds
    Unusual and gurgling sounds of water from your taps and appliances could be because of clogging in your drain system, which results in water being trapped in the faucet. Not taking immediate action with emergency drain cleaning when this happens can lead to water backflow into the house and cause extensive damage to your property.


We offer quick and dependable residential and commercial sewer and drain cleaning services across Winnipeg. Contact us to know how we can help improve and maintain your systems to keep them working at their best throughout the year.



Keeping your drains clean and clog-free offers many benefits to your health and safety and to your colleagues, employees, friends, and family. A few reasons to call our experts in Winnipeg for emergency drain cleaning services to include:

  • We give you efficient solutions and focused results.

  • We have access to the best materials, products, and equipment.

  • Our team has over 140 years of combined experience working in the industry.

  • Our technicians are trained and qualified to provide high-quality workmanship and quick services.


We will help ensure your living space is free of mould, water damage, and any backflow and sewage infiltration risk. Our team will thoroughly check your drainage systems, attend to all issues, and prevent further damage or potential problems. Please call us to discuss your emergency and clarify any questions or doubts. We are always happy to help!


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